GFS Mega Tower


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GFS Mega Tower

GFS Mega Tower is a gated local area project that has a condition-of-workmanship basis and contains every one of the cut-edge world comforts that make your prospects for everyday comforts exceptionally high. GFS Mega Palace is located in the ideal place that has simple access to business sectors, schools, clinics, mosques, parks, and so forth. Your present crapshoot will give you an extraordinary return in so distant future.

Pillar of Sustainability

Applying principles of biophilic architecture, GFS Mega Tower seamlessly brings the outdoors in through landscaped hanging gardens, natural ventilation, and abundant daylighting. Solar roof panels, sustainable construction materials, and a zero-waste management system give it a minimal environmental footprint. Promoting community living, the tower has carpooling ties-ups, able-access provisions and committed CSR allocation for neighborhood welfare initiatives on education, skilling, and health.

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