Malir Town Residency - Phase 1


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Malir Town Residency – Phase 1

Malir Town Residency – Phase 1 is a covering area near Karachi Airport and Malir Cantonment. It’s a good spot to consider for living in the future. The area has wide roads, a calm atmosphere, and a relaxed life. The design offers top-notch installations and combines ultramodern and traditional planning approaches. We’re furnishing budget-friendly plots for homes and businesses, which can help low-income families lead comfortable lives without fiscal strain.

Promise of Future Growth

As the first phase of the multi-stage Malir Town Residency project, Phase 1 marks the inaugural step toward creating an expansive community in this rapidly developing area near Karachi Airport. This phase focuses on establishing essential infrastructure like roads, power, water, and sewage systems to enable the construction of residential and commercial spaces in subsequent stages. With wide sector roads mapped out and budget-friendly plot offerings, Phase 1 sets the groundwork for an inclusive community that serves both the residential and economic needs of citizens from all walks of life. The promising potential of this region is just beginning to be realized.

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