Malir Town Residency - Phase 5


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Malir Town Residency – Phase 5

 Malir Town Residency – Phase 5 is situated in close proximity to both Karachi Airport and Malir Cantonment, making it a strategically located area for potential residents. This region boasts a serene atmosphere and well-structured roads, contributing to a peaceful living environment. The program offers a range of amenities that are considered top-notch, showcasing a mix of urban complication and rural charm brought to life through scrupulous planning. We are committed to catering to various budgetary needs by providing affordable residential and commercial plots. Consequently promoting an inclusive lifestyle accessible to low-income families.


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If you want to live near Karachi airport, Malir Town Residency – Phase 5 will be the best choice for all. It is an opportunity on the basis of first come first take, It is also convenient to book your house first. Just contact us as we provided our contact details on it. Here are the best chances to live near lots of necessary places like parks and markets and others. You can find a home here that fits your budget, even if you don’t have a lot of money.

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