Sindh Government’s Current Statement on Properties for Sale in Karachi

While the government of Sindh has yet to discuss the current situation of property selling in Karachi, there is no official statement about the property selling. The discussion about commercial and residential property is taken as foregranted; hence, in 2022, all the old property selling policies will be implemented. Every class property goes on the same level. Somewhere just a few statements were given by the Sindh Government that Sindh Kachi Abadis Authority has effectively sent off Minimal expense housing Plans regularly known as Sasti Basti in different areas of the Territory.

The essential idea of the plan was that the plots are designated to the poorest people/families at the value they can bear. Allottees raise development themselves, keeping in view their need and reasonableness. The section charge is nominal and takes care of a piece of the expense of land. The remaining sum must be paid in simple portions over five years. The plan’s advancement is steady; the inside administrations are restricted to the fundamentals. 

Some of the leverages that the Sindh government has set for low-cost housing buyers are:

1: Low-pay compensation families can enlist their houses.

2: Going from 8000-10000 for entry will be covered as a piece of plot cost.

3: After the installment technique, the plot will be given in your grasp.

4: These plots can likewise be purchased in portions, and the scope of portions starts from 300-600.

5: Proprietorship Records will be given a long time from the date of ownership.

There should be an automation or official statement from the Government of Sindh about the properties of all categories in Karachi.


In a Leading board of Income Sindh, RS and EP wing is responsible for Income assortment for the joint Government through Stamp obligation assortment and Enlistment charges. Automation is the headway of working techniques in the RS&EP wing, which has been laid out to take on, modernized working strategies for the Enlistment of all sorts of property exchange and Stamp deals to improve and straightforward Income age in RS&EP wing, Board of Revenue, Sindh.


  1. Automate Stamp Income assortment, Dissemination of Stamps, and Request Age processes for further developed stock administration and cost control.
  2. Stamps accessibility and utilization across all Depository/Sub-depository workplaces in Sindh.
  3. Planning of ideal indents to lessen stamp printing costs.
  4. Stamp obligations are demanded on various reports creating incomes under the head of a move of property, home loan of property, new Enlistment of property, rent of property, and so on.
  5. Preparation of ideal indents to decrease stamp printing costs.
  6. Simple to find property record status.
  7. Speedy Looking for missing old records/archives of parties.
  8. To give approved single page full detail of CRD record.
  9. To limit copy enlistment by keeping records in focal data sets mainly.
  10. Remarkable recognizable proof of every property record in focal Data set by generation automation number on unique Archive.

The CM let the gathering know that the metropolitan property visit would further develop the geographic data framework (GIS) part would help urban arranging specialists design and execute a manageable foundation.

He said it would automate the local charge evaluation and printing of challans and help give a GIS planning system to the ID, everything being equal.

The gathering was educated that the new study would be directed at an expected 2,000,000 properties in Karachi.

CM Shah expressed that in 2021, just 800,000 property units in Karachi were being burdened for property, and after the study, the local charge assortment would increment to Rs3.63bn from Rs1.72bn in the last monetary year.

Karachi’s Sindh government should have met the CM so they both could dissolve the automation into a better decision for property expenses.

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